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Based on typical Islamic studies curriculum taught at mainstream Islamic universities, on-demand and accompanied with summarized notes of important fiqh references and literature, the Introduction to Fiqh course will explore the Shari’ah, its objective and general characteristics. You’ll also travel back in history to follow the development of Islamic law from the inception of Islam, throughout the golden age of Islam where the 4 schools of fiqh developed, and all the way to our day where the modern revival is taking place. You’ll also get an overview of the general legal principles and maxims that Islamic law is based on. After completing the course, you’ll develop a basic understanding of the principles of Fiqh

Mohamed Benaicha is currently a Master’s candidate in Islamic Finance at the International Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance at the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM). His formative studies include undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto in business management with a specialization in finance, as well as several Canadian investment industry certifications and registrations from CSI; his latest degree is a Bachelor’s of Fiqh and Usul al-Fiqh which he completed at the IIUM in the Faculty of Shari’ah (IRK) graduating as one of the top student of his class in 2018. Some of his professional and academic experiences include securities trading and analysis at two different investment funds such as OTPP, in Toronto, as well as research assistance, workshop coordination, and tutoring at the IRK faculty in IIUM.Mohamed Benaicha takes interest in Islamic thought and specifically, a moderate objectives-based approach to understanding the Shari’ah and Islamic law. He is a resident of Toronto, Canada and is a familiar face at the IIT having grown up volunteering with the institute since its early days.

Mohamed Benaicha

Guest Instructor

Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Introduction to Fiqh

    • Course Outline

  • 02

    Chapter 1: Shari’ah, Its Essence, Objectives and Traits

    • Ch 1 Sec 1 - PDF

    • Ch 1 Sec 1

    • Ch 1 Sec 1 - Quiz

    • Ch1 Sec 2 - PDF

    • Ch 1 Sec 2

    • Ch 1 Sec 2 - Quiz

    • Ch 1 Sec 3 - PDF

    • Ch 1 Sec 3

    • Ch 1 Sec 3 - Quiz

  • 03

    Chapter 2: The History of Islamic Legislation and Fiqh

    • Ch2 Sec1 - PDF

    • Ch 2 Sec 1

    • Ch2 Sec1 - Quiz

    • Ch2 Sec2 - PDF

    • Ch 2 Sec 2

    • Ch2 Sec 2 - Quiz

    • Ch2 Sec3 - PDF

    • Ch 2 Sec 3

    • Ch2 Sec 3 - Quiz

    • Ch2 Sec4 - PDF

    • Ch 2 Sec 4

    • Ch2 Sec 4 - Quiz

    • Ch2 Sec5 - PDF

    • Ch2 Sec6 - PDF

    • Ch 2 Sec 5&6

    • Ch2 Sec 5&6 - Quiz

  • 04

    Chapter 3: Maxims of Fiqh (Fiqhi Maxims)

    • Ch3 Sec1 - PDF

    • Ch 3 Sec 1

    • Ch3 Sec1 - Quiz

    • Ch3 Sec2 - PDF

    • Ch 3 Sec 2

    • Ch3 Sec2 - Quiz


Basirath Raoof

5 star rating

“Very good course.”

“Very good course.”

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