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Shari’a is the divinely appointed way for humans to attain ultimate felicity and happiness in this world and the next. Hence it is based on rational objectives and purposes geared towards
catering to human welfare in an ultimate sense; by bringing ease and comfort and preventing
harm and injustice in all forms.
Ironically, today Shari’a has a bad name in the minds non-Muslims and many of the Muslims
themselves. They are due to ignorance, misuse, myths and misconceptions in the minds of
This course seeks to discern the meaning and purpose of Shari’a by a close study of the sources
and thus attempt to dispel the misconceptions. We hope to see how the Shari’a preserves the
fundamental human values and how it can help individuals and societies to lead a peaceful and
harmonious life.

Shaikh Ahmad Kutty was educated in the traditional Islamic Sciences at Islamiyya College, Kerala, and at the Islamic University of Madina Munawwarah. He received his ijazahs (licences/designations) as an ‘a’lim and faqih from both India and Saudi Arabia. He earned his M.A from the University of Toronto and pursued doctoral studies at McGill University, Montreal.Over the past 30 years, he has been Director of the Islamic Center of Toronto, Director of the Islamic Foundation, Toronto, Canada, and has served on the Fiqh Council of North America.Currently, Ahmad Kutty is resident scholar and senior lecturer at the Islamic Institute of Toronto. His courses include Quran & Hadith Sciences, Islamic Theology & Jurisprudence and Islamic Ethics & Spirituality among others. His fatwas (Islamic rulings) have been translated into several languages and appear on various international sites including,,,, and He actively participates in interfaith seminars, symposia and serves as an expert/resource in cases involving Islamic Law and Theology. Ahmad Kutty has been listed among The 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World (ed. by Professor John Esposito & Professor Ibrahim Kalin of Georgetown University); it can be accessed at:

Ahmad Kutty

Senior Scholar

Course curriculum

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    1. Week 1

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    3. Session 1 powerpoint

    1. Week 2

    2. Session 2 Video

    3. Session 2 powerpoint

    1. Week 3

    2. Session #3 Video

    3. Session 3 Powerpoint

    1. Week 4

    2. Session #4 Video

    3. Session 4 Powerpoint

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