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*This is a continuation of Surah NIsaa' from last semester - Winter 2019*

Madani Surah revealed to the Prophet (SAW) between the years 3 and 5 of Hijrah. There are three main themes of this Surah:

i. Establishment of the new Islamic social order after removing the pre-Islamic system.

ii. Answers to the oppositions of the Mushrikoon as well as neighbouring Jews and Christians.

iii. Inviting reverts to Islam

This surah is composed of 176 ayaat and is divided in 24 sections.

 Title of Each Theme: 

  1. Responsibility to take care of the family.  Special care of orphans.
  2. Laws of inheritance.  
  3. Relations between men and women should be based on the principle of equity and goodness.
  4. Categories of those prohibited for marriage.
  5. Men and women's rights over their properties.
  6. Disagreement and reconciliation between husband and wife.
  7. Internal and external purity: rules of wudu, ghusl and prayers.
  8. Fulfill the trusts and refer all disputes to Allah and His Messenger.
  9. A detailed overview of the hypocrites and their relationship with The Prophet (s).
  10. It is the duty of the Believers to establish justice and protect the poor and oppressed.
  11. Hypocrites' attitude to the Prophet and to the Believers
  12. How to deal with the hypocrites who are prone to fighting
  13. Believers must respect the life of other Believers, Murder and its punishment.
  14. Believers must join and live with other Believers unless they are unable to do so.
  15. Prayers for the travelers and those who are in the battlefield.
  16. Always be just and do not take the side of the unjust.
  17. The secret councils of the hypocrites.
  18. Allah will not forgive Shirk. Shaitan's misleading of humans through deceptions and false promises.
  19. Some more directions about dealing with orphans and family disputes.
  20. Believers must stand for justice for all.  Must pay attention to their faith.
  21. Hypocrites try to deceive Allah.  They are lazy in their prayers. Their end will be the lowest part of hell.
  22. Allah's punishment for those who broke their covenant with Him.  Some People of the Book tried to crucify Jesus, but Allah saved him.
  23. The message of Islam is the same as the message of previous Prophets.
  24. Invitation to the People of the Book to accept Islam and recognize the true teachings of Jesus. Some more elaboration on the law of Inheritance.
Shaikh Musleh Khan was born in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. He was raised and is currently residing in Toronto, Canada. At college, he studied computer programming and then went to work as a fraud analyst. In 2002 Shaikh Musleh was accepted at the Islamic University of Madinah where he completed a diploma in Arabic followed by a BA in Islamic Law from the faculty of Da'wah and Usool al-deen. He memorised the Qur'an with an ijaza and has completed a complete study of Sahih al-Bukhari.Shaikh Musleh undertook a study of various Islamic books including those on Fiqh, Hadith, Aqidah, Tafsir. Futhermore, he took classes with various prominent scholars in the course of his time in Madinah, including Sheikh Mukhtar Al-Shanqiiti, Sheikh Muhsin Al-Abaad, Sheikh Abd al-Razak, and Sheikh Muhammad Shafi among others. Upon graduating in 2011 he has returned to Canada and has plans to pursue a Masters at York University, Toronto. He has been very active in the Toronto vicinity for more than 10 years, having conducted khutbahs, classes, lectures and conferences, as well as various Islamic Intensive programs in the United States. Shaikh Musleh enjoys long-distance running and basketball. He loves to read and write in addition to spending time preparing for classes in Toronto where he and his wife reside.

Musleh Khan

Imam and Youth Counselor

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